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Health And Safety

With a target of zero accidents enshrined as a key objective, the health and safety of employees and contractors at Tata Steel Distribution sites is the number one priority for the business.

We are committed to achieving this goal. Every director, manager and supervisor has  health and safety targets among their personal objectives and this has helped to embed a positive  safety culture throughout the organisation.

Our desire to see continuous improvement in our safety performance means we now lead the service centre industry in health and safety.  We measure ourselves against the best and have collaborated with world-class operators such as BlueScope Steel of Australia to further improve our safety systems. 

Use of the International Safety Rating System over the last decade has helped our businesses create a solid health and safety foundation, and according to information from the National Association of Steel Stockholders (NASS), Tata Steel Distribution sites boast a safety record that is 10 times better than the industry average for Lost Time Injury Frequency.

As a result, many of our sites measure their accident-free operations in years, rather than weeks or months but this is not a reason to sit back and relax.

Instead, industry leading safety processes are being developed and benchmarked against similar companies across the world.  And with sharing and learning, openness and teamworking among our values, this information and best practice is willingly shared with other industries.